CEN8Kids Art Exhibition CityScape

Thank you so much to CEN8’s neighbouring cafe Out of the Brew who gave us their gallery space this week to host our latest CEN8Kids Art Club exhibition. The exhibition, which was held from 20 – 22 June, was hugely successful attracting over 58 visitors one of whom claimed that he’d recently visited the RSA…

CEN8Kids – Community Tales

Recently the children and volunteers at CEN8 took part in a project called Community Tales which was the third year assignment of Goldsmiths’ students Conor Hinds and Jonah Smith.  We are thrilled to tell you that they were awarded a first class mark for their work.  We really like it – we hope you do…

CEN8Kids Art Exhibition – 21 & 22 June 2018

CEN8Kids is proud to present an Art Exhibition that showcases work that has been developed by the members of the junior Art Club during the past academic year. The ideas explored, as a starting point, come from the act of bringing to life one’s imagination, in the form of landscapes, different worlds, and creative spaces….

CEN8Kids explore the World of Hair!

Goldsmiths anthropologist, Emma Tarlo, joined forces with designer Alix Bizet and the children from CEN8 for an afternoon exploring the world of hair. The afternoon began with a visit to the exhibition, Material Contemplations in Cloth and Hair, at the Constance Howard Gallery, curated by Emma Tarlo and Janis Jefferies. The children enjoyed feeling different types of…

Alix Bizet – Hair Matter(s) workshop with CEN8Kids

CEN8, in collaboration with Goldsmiths Anthropology Department, were delighted to host Alix Bizet’s fascinating workshop Hair Matter(s) for the children of CEN8Kids at Goldsmiths on Tuesday 15th May. Here Alix tells us more about her work: Biography: Alix Bizet’s work is a mix of interests in the theory, philosophy and psychology of human sciences coupled with…

Easter Baskets

The members of CEN8Kids Art Club had great fun making their Easter baskets inspired by our wonderful volunteers: Casey, Naasirah and Laila. Thank you.

Paper Doll Making – Part Two

The CEN8Kids Art club has been busy this month getting our hands dirty and jumping straight into the creative process that comes with putting together our own personalised dolls! You may remember Part 1 from our previous posts! Check out what all of the children have put together!    

Congratulations Destiny!!

We here at CEN8 are delighted that CEN8Kids member, Destiny, has been selected to take part in the Westminster School’s Enrichment Programme for Year 5 pupils who have shown “exceptional academic potential and energy for learning”. WELL DONE DESTINY – we always knew you were a star!