CEN8Kids Art Exhibition CityScape

Thank you so much to CEN8’s neighbouring cafe Out of the Brew who gave us their gallery space this week to host our latest CEN8Kids Art Club exhibition. The exhibition, which was held from 20 – 22 June, was hugely successful attracting over 58 visitors one of whom claimed that he’d recently visited the RSA…

Hannah talks about being a member of CEN8Kids

  CEN8Kids member Hannah gave an interview as part of two Goldsmiths student volunteers Conor Hinds and Jonah Smith’s final assignment which was a project called Community Tales. Here’s what she said!  

CEN8Kids – Community Tales

Recently the children and volunteers at CEN8 took part in a project called Community Tales which was the third year assignment of Goldsmiths’ students Conor Hinds and Jonah Smith.  We are thrilled to tell you that they were awarded a first class mark for their work.  We really like it – we hope you do…

CEN8Kids Art Exhibition – 21 & 22 June 2018

CEN8Kids is proud to present an Art Exhibition that showcases work that has been developed by the members of the junior Art Club during the past academic year. The ideas explored, as a starting point, come from the act of bringing to life one’s imagination, in the form of landscapes, different worlds, and creative spaces….