Daranee Dispatches: June 2017

This month our CEN8Kids have been busy bees as most of them were getting ready for the Art Exhibition that took place between the 8th and the 10th of June. The art exhibition was held in Under The Brew, a basement exhibition space in the cafe Out of the Brew café on New Cross Road. The exhibition began on the 7th with a few words and a ribbon cutting ceremony by Goldsmiths’ Warden Patrick Loughrey. The children and their parents were in attendance that day for a private view of their artwork. It was a good day where parents got to see the work their children had been doing with CEN8. The Warden had also given a few words of encouragement to the children for their artwork. (For more on the wonderful occasion, please read our feature on it written by our very own Mélys Codo by clicking this link:


CEN8Kids Dance is flourishing as always. The children are not only showing their talent and excitement in dance routines but they are also projecting their own unique personalities. Each class is a treat to watch, as it is evident that the children have grown more confident in themselves and their art. With Danny as their dance instructor, they are learning little nuggets of wisdom that would go a long way. Paulyne advised the children that “not liking something is not a bad thing” when she conducted a class this month. It shows that the children are not only exposed to different dance moves and music but they are allowed to form their own opinions about what they do.

This month we got to sit down with Gila from the CEN8Kids Singing group. Gila teaches the children weekly and follows a similar structure for each class. The class usually begins with a breathing exercise and some work on rhythm. Then she moves on to teach them classical and jazz songs. “I think it’s important to teach them songs that are different from the mainstream songs that they know”, she says.

Gila studied Music at Goldsmiths in 2012 and has been volunteering with CEN8 ever since. She joined CEN8 because she feels that through singing and allowing them to develop their talents, children grow happier. That rainy Saturday, the children filed into class and we asked them what their favourite songs to sing in class were. Most of them answered “My Favourite Things”, “Moses Supposes” and “Summertime” which are some of Gila’s favourites too. Previously, Avigail and Victoria mentioned that the singing classes not only help with developing their talents but also with their self-confidence to perform.



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