Daranee Dispatches: May!

It has been a hectic month for the CEN8Kids.  Over at CEN8Kids Art club, the children are excited about the upcoming Art Exhibition of their work which takes place on the 8-10 June. So what are the kids getting up to as the exhibition draws close? With fifteen children attending our weekly art sessions, they are in the process of completing and tidying up their art pieces for the exhibition.

“The art piece I am most excited about is my ice cream puppet. It was really fun to make and it turned out really well,” says Noadia.  Noadia is also responsible for one of our favourite quotes this month … when asked what advice she would give other children who may be interested in attending the art sessions, she said:  “Keep calm and love art!!”  We are so impressed with this little nugget of wisdom,  we thinking of building it into one of our CEN8Kids strap lines!!

Nathaniel has also been working hard on his drawing of a Centaur, “I’m excited by Centaurs because if you put one powerful creature with another one they become unstoppable.”

This month CEN8Kids dance troupe worked on memory and imagination in their dance routine. The fun thing about the Kids’ Dance class is that the children are not only learning groovy dance moves, but they are also picking up life skills such as voice projection, stage presence and story telling which are vital in building self-confidence. Danny, CEN8’s Dance Choreographer,  reminds the children to “occupy the whole stage and project (their) voices.” It’s beautiful to see the children more confident in themselves and getting along well with each other.


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