Daranee Dispatches: April

“Why do we dance? It should tickle your funny bone.”

– Paulyne, Volunteer of the Month. 

CEN8Kids continues to grow and now has over 40 regular attendees at both the After School and the Saturday Clubs!

I got the opportunity to visit the CEN8Kids Performance Club earlier this month.

I asked them what they enjoyed about coming to CEN8, and the main recurring theme was that it was a platform to boost their self confidence. One of the children even mentioned how she was bullied at school and how her time at CEN8 has given her a safe place to feel more confident.

One of our members Avigail said, “You can dance, doesn’t matter how you dance or if you can’t, just try your best, you will get better.” The common consensus I gathered was that the CEN8Kids Performance Club teaches the children to enjoy the discipline in order to learn as well as showcase their personalities.

The CEN8Kids Art club is working hard toward the Art Exhibition on 7/8 June. They are touching up their art pieces and are very excited for you to see them!


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