Nola Cammu Discusses Studio8’s Creative Writing Session

Some WritingNraye writing

The scratching sound of pencils on paper and notebooks, extracts of stories and ideas, and a group of children highly focussed on their storyboards. That was this weeks’s studio8 art club.

During previous weeks, the children were challenged to come up with their own stories, of which some would be turned into actual performances. A lot of children brought their pieces of writing, eager to transform them onto a storyboard. From this process, three ‘main stories’ emerged, called “The soil”, about a woman who gets poisoned by toxic soil on vacation, “The chicken shop”, about a chicken vendor who faces closure of his restaurant after neglecting hygiene prescriptions and “The magic box”, a fantastic tale featuring a ghost named Gust, a magic box and a glass mirror cage.

Next week, the children will further elaborate on the stories in order to put them all together into one play, for which they will do the casting themselves.


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