Studio8 Volunteer Nola writes about this week’s club

It was a busy week at CEN8’s junior art club, Studio8. The clubbers decided whether they want to do illustration and design on paper or do some electronic drawing on computers or iPads. We have been working on  the theme “identity” for the last couple of weeks, and the children could choose freely how they want to depict their perception of themselves in their artworks. There were many mixed interests, which lead to an exciting and creative day for both the performers, the project volunteers and the children.

First, a lot of children explored the magic world of watercolour pencils. On first sight, those coloured pencils look rather ordinary, but after being dipped in some water they become very suitable to paint with! Samuel sketched his name in 3D and then coloured in his design with the watercolour pencils, while using different colours which he beautifully blended together. Maya and Monet also used the watercolour pencils to draw their names in beautiful painted colour,accompanied by some rainbows and were then challenged to draw themselves as animals. Very much engaging with the exercise, they drew a watercolour pencil portrait of a bunny (called ‘rabbit hill) and a cat in pink and purple.

IMG_0860 IMG_0861
These were the animals they wanted to be, if they could. Danielle,who is deeply interested in fashion design, sketched a beautiful ensemble of a top and a skirt for which she used patterned paper to represent the fabric. Very proudly, she named it her ‘summer collection 2015’ line. Other children, such as Rhianna and
Samuel, further explored electronic drawing on the computer and iPad.Sam drew an abstract work in yellow and black, calling it ‘A Little Messy’.
Elisha made a fashion design of a dress she wanted to draw on the computer, featuring illustrations of hamburgers and microphones on the skirt. Later on, we changed the plan as we suggested we might make a puppet out of the drawing with paper, fabric, paint and glue; an idea Elisha liked very much!
In the afternoon, the clubbers did a performance/theatre session with Danny, who challenged the children to make their own performance on based on identity and featuring interviews and presentations on their personalities. In addition, Danny helped the children with their public speaking skills, and emphasised the fact
that it is important to show respect for one another by listening
to each other when speaking.

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