Studio8 is back!!

Studio8 is back! CEN8’s junior creative media and arts club has been divided into different art forms so children can take part in separate sessions of art, music, singing, dance and acting.

Last Saturday the Art Club made origami birds with Alaa and Katherina, used a tablet to make graphic art with Rachel and took part in a knitting session with Sahra.

The those attending the Writing club led by Melanie, Stine and Julia wrote a collaborative story based on one sentence per person (the result of which can be seen in our video).

Our Music club included singing sessions which were led by Giela and members also took part in percussion, recorder and guitar workshops with Nassos, Meagan and Rachel.

Danny, supported by Anastasia, put members through their dance paces during the dance sessions and Ken helped by Elhame worked on a new script by Judy Upton called ‘The Colourful Journey’.

Our video includes photos by Qian and Gill took the film footage. We hope you enjoy it!


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